The Colloquium on Differential and Difference Equations - CDDE 2000 - was held in Brno, September 5-8, 2000. It was organized by the Faculty of Science Masaryk University and the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists and the Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists.
   Due to the growing interest in the relationship between qualitative theory of differential and difference equations it was decided to organize a meeting in Brno which would have brought together various people working in these areas. The topic of this meeting was "Qualitative theory of differential and difference equations and their applications". It followed the tradition of the previous conferences and seminars on differential equations held in Brno, as there were Equadiff 3 (1972), Equadiff 6 (1985), Equadiff 9 (1997), Workshop on Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations (1998) and Boruvka Mathematical Symposium (1999). We hope it will be possible to continue in the tradition like this.
    The Colloquium was prepared by the Organizing Committee consisting of Miroslav Bartusek (chairman), Zuzana Dosla, Ondrej Dosly, Alexander Lomtatidze and Jaromir Vosmansky. The help of the Honorary and Advisory Board was very appreciated as well. There were 92 participants at the conference from 14 countries. The scientific program consisted of 5 survey plenary lectures (O. Dosly, L. Gorniewitz, I. Gyori, T. Kusano and S. Schwabik), 56 communications, 10 posters and 9 extended abstracts. The social program which took an advantage of the nice surroundings of the Brno dam lake, where the conference site was situated, was organized, too. The CDDE 2000 Proceedings is published as the supplementary issue of Tomus 36 (2000) of Archivum mathematicum journal and will be distributed to all subscribers of this journal as well as to the participants of CDDE 2000. Additional orders of this Proceedings ($35) should be sent to the Managing Editor of AM.
    In this volume there are published all submitted papers which have passed a usual AM reviewing process and were accepted for publication. Volume starts with 3 survey papers by invited speakers and other 26 contributions are ordered alphabetically. The edition of the Proceedings was partly supported by the grant of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic no. 201/99/0295 and the Research Project no. J07/98:143100001 of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. The electronic edition of the CDDE 2000 Proceedings is available in PDF format on
    We would like to thank our colleagues for their help which enabled us to publish this volume in short time, the editors of Archivum mathematicum for their kind agreements to publish this Proceedings in the frame of the journal, the referees for their good work and quick responses and, last but not least, to Jiri Sremr, our PhD student, for the TeX adaptation of the great number of papers and for preparing the electronic version of this volume.
Brno, February 2001