On projectable objects on fibred manifolds

Vasile Cruceanu, Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu

Address. Vasile Cruceanu, ``Al.I.Cuza" University of Iassy, Department of Geometry, 11, Copou st., 6600, ROMANIA
                Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu, University of Craiova, Department of Mathematics, P.O. Box 4-66,
                Craiova 1100, ROMANIA

E-mail: cruv@uaic.ro       marcelapopescu@email.com         paulpopescu@email.com

Abstract. The aim of this paper is to study the projectable and $N$-projectable objects (tensors, derivations and linear connections) on the total space $E$ of a fibred manifold $\xi $, where $N$ is a normalization of $\xi $.

AMSclassification. 53B40, 53C07, 53C60

Keywords. Fibred manifold, projectable objects, d-tensor fields.