Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 38 (2002), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

A. I. Fedotov
On the asymptotic convergence of the polynomial collocation method for singular integral equations and periodic pseudodifferential equations
p. 1-13: Abstract, Postscript (134 K)

J. Morchalo
Asymptotic properties of solutions of second-order difference equations
p. 15-26: Abstract, Postscript (120 K)

F. Gomez
Simplicial types and polynomial algebras
p. 27-36: Abstract, Postscript (120 K)

R. A. Rashwaan, M. A. Ahmed
Common fixed points of Gregus type multi-valued mappings
p. 37-47: Abstract, Postscript (111 K)

D. Pokluda
On the transitive and ${\omega}$-limit points of the continuous mappings of the circle
p. 49-52: Abstract, Postscript (78 K)

J. Jaros, T. Kusano and N. Yoshida
Generalized Picone's formula and forced oscillations in quasilinear differential equations of the second order
p. 53-59: Abstract, Postscript (88 K)

R. Hakl, A. Lomtatidze
A note on the Cauchy problem for first order linear differential equations with a deviating argument
p. 61-71: Abstract, Postscript (110 K)

Bang-Yen Chen
Ricci curvature of real hypersurfaces in complex hyperbolic space
p. 73-80: Abstract, Postscript (97 K)