Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 38 (2002), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

K. Pioro
Some properties of the weak subalgebra lattice of a partial algebra of a fixed type
p. 81-94: Abstract, Postscript (177 K)

N. Shahzad
Random fixed points of multivalued maps in Frechet spaces
p. 95-100: Abstract, Postscript (82 K)

J. Kubalcik
On a two point linear boundary value problem for system of ODEs with deviating arguments
p. 101-118: Abstract, Postscript (194 K)

I. Lahiri
On a question of Hong Xun Yi
p. 119-128: Abstract, Postscript (105 K)

S. Stanek
On solvability of nonlinear boundary value problems for the equation $(x'+g(t,x,x'))'=f(t,x,x')$ with one-sided growth restrictions on $f$
p. 129-148: Abstract, Postscript (218 K)

R. Hakl, A. Lomtatidze, J. Sremr
On an antiperiodic type boundary value problem for first order linear functional differential equations
p. 149-160: Abstract, Postscript (128 K)