Integrability and $L^1$-convergence of Rees-Stanojevic sums with generalized semi-convex coefficients of non-integral orders

Kulwinder Kaur

Department of Applied Sciences, GZS College of Engineering and Technology, Bathinda, Punjab - 151005, India


Integrability and $L^{1}-$convergence of modified cosine sums introduced by Rees and Stanojevic under a class of generalized semi-convex null coefficients are studied by using Cesaro means of non-integral orders.

AMSclassification. 42A20, 42A32.

Keywords. $L^{1}$-convergences, Cesaro means, conjugate Cesaro mean, semi-convex null coefficients, generalized semi-convex null coefficients, Fourier cosine series.