On the finite dimension of attractors of doubly nonlinear parabolic systems with l-trajectories

Hamid El Ouardi

Address. Equipe Architures des Systemes, Universite Hassan II Ain Chock, Ensem, BP. 8118, Oasis Casablanca, Morrocco

E-mail: elouardi@ensem-uh2c.ac.ma

Abstract. This paper is concerned with the asymptotic behaviour of a class of doubly nonlinear parabolic systems. In particular, we prove the existence of the global attractor which has, in one and two space dimensions, finite fractal dimension.

AMSclassification. 35K55, 35K57, 35K65, 35B40.

Keywords. Doubly nonlinear parabolic systems, existence of solutions, global and exponential attractor, fractal dimension and l-trajectories.