Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 44 (2008), No. 3 · Electronic Edition

Dengyin Wang and Xian Wang
Derivations of the subalgebras intermediate the general linear Lie algebra and the diagonal subalgebra over commutative rings
pp. 173–183: Abstract, GZIP-PS (351 KiB), PDF (380 KiB)

Liu Zhongkui and Yang Xiaoyan
Left APP-property of formal power series rings
pp. 185–189: Abstract, GZIP-PS (332 KiB), PDF (350 KiB)

Liangcai Zhang and Wujie Shi
OD-characterization of almost simple groups related to $L_{2}(49)$
pp. 191–199: Abstract, GZIP-PS (419 KiB), PDF (426 KiB)

Indrajit Lahiri and Pulak Sahoo
Uniqueness of meromorphic functions when two non-linear differential polynomials share a small function
pp. 201–210: Abstract, GZIP-PS (333 KiB), PDF (345 KiB)

Karim Boulabiar
An evaluating characterization of homomorphisms
pp. 211–215: Abstract, GZIP-PS (299 KiB), PDF (313 KiB)

Włodzimierz Fechner
Some inequalities connected with the exponential function
pp. 217–222: Abstract, GZIP-PS (336 KiB), PDF (342 KiB)

Rashad A. Abdel-Baky and Ashwaq J. Al-Bokhary
A new approach for describing instantaneous line congruence
pp. 223–236: Abstract, GZIP-PS (438 KiB), PDF (447 KiB)

Aurelian Cernea
On a nonconvex boundary value problem for a first order multivalued differential system
pp. 237–244: Abstract, GZIP-PS (340 KiB), PDF (361 KiB)

Peter Danchev and Patrick Keef
A note on a theorem of Megibben
pp. 245–249: Abstract, GZIP-PS (296 KiB), PDF (315 KiB)