Ruled W-surfaces in Minkowski 3-space $\Re _{1}^{3}$

R. A. Abdel-Baky and H. N. Abd-Ellah

Address: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science University of Assiut, 71516 Assiut, Egypt


Abstract: In this paper, we study a spacelike (timelike) ruled W-surface in Minkowski 3-space which satisfies nontrivial relation between elements of the set $\lbrace K,\ K_{II},\ H,\ H_{II}\rbrace $, where $(K, H)$ and $(K_{II}, H_{II})$ are the Gaussian and mean curvatures of the first and second fundamental forms, respectively. Finally, some examples are constructed and plotted.

AMSclassification: primary 53A10; secondary 53A35, 53B30.

Keywords: Weingarten surfaces, Lorentzian motion, ruled surfaces.