On the Lipschitz operator algebras

A. Ebadian and A. A. Shokri

Faculty of Basic Science, Science and Research Brunch Islamic Azad University (IAU), Tehran, Iran
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


Abstract: In a recent paper by H. X. Cao, J. H. Zhang and Z. B. Xu an $\alpha $-Lipschitz operator from a compact metric space into a Banach space $A$ is defined and characterized in a natural way in the sence that $F:K\rightarrow A$ is a $\alpha $-Lipschitz operator if and only if for each $\sigma \in X^*$ the mapping $\sigma \circ F$ is a $\alpha $-Lipschitz function. The Lipschitz operators algebras $L^\alpha (K,A)$ and $l^\alpha (K,A)$ are developed here further, and we study their amenability and weak amenability of these algebras. Moreover, we prove an interesting result that $L^\alpha (K,A)$ and $l^\alpha (K,A)$ are isometrically isomorphic to $L^{\alpha }(K)\check{\otimes }A$ and $l^{\alpha }(K)\check{\otimes }A$ respectively. Also we study homomorphisms on the $L^\alpha _A(X,B)$.

AMSclassification: primary 47B48; secondary 46J10.

Keywords: Lipschitz algebras, amenability, homomorphism.