Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 48 (2012), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

Marcos Craizer, Thomas Lewiner, and Ralph Teixeira
Cauchy problems for discrete affine minimal surfaces
pp. 1–14: Abstract, GZIP-PS (756 KiB), PDF (724 KiB)

Jun-ichi Inoguchi and Ji-Eun Lee
Submanifolds with harmonic mean curvature in pseudo-Hermitian geometry
pp. 15–26: Abstract, GZIP-PS (408 KiB), PDF (405 KiB)

Ahmed Abbas Mizeal and Mudhir A. Abdul Hussain
Two-mode bifurcation in solution of a perturbed nonlinear fourth order differential equation
pp. 27–37: Abstract, GZIP-PS (371 KiB), PDF (382 KiB)

M. Eshaghi-Gordji, A. Ebadian, F. Habibian, and B. Hayati
Weak*-continuous derivations in dual Banach algebras
pp. 39–44: Abstract, GZIP-PS (361 KiB), PDF (366 KiB)

Alongkot Suvarnamani and Mongkol Tatong
An extragradient approximation method for variational inequality problem on fixed point problem of nonexpensive mappings and monotone mappings
pp. 45–59: Abstract, GZIP-PS (364 KiB), PDF (398 KiB)

Josef Janyška and Martin Markl
Combinatorial differential geometry and ideal Bianchi–Ricci identities II – the torsion case
pp. 61–80: Abstract, GZIP-PS (502 KiB), PDF (494 KiB)