Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 50 (2014), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

Ondřej Došlý, Eva Jansová, and Josef Kalas
Eighty fifth anniversary of birthday and scientific legacy of Professor Miloš Ráb
pp. 1–19: Abstract, GZIP-PS (569 KiB), PDF (540 KiB)

Jan Vondra
Natural transformations of connections on the first principal prolongation
pp. 21–25: Abstract, GZIP-PS (341 KiB), PDF (355 KiB)

Hisashi Kasuya
Lefschetz coincidence numbers of solvmanifolds with Mostow conditions
pp. 27–37: Abstract, GZIP-PS (374 KiB), PDF (383 KiB)

S.K. Kaushik and Shalu Sharma
Generalized Schauder frames
pp. 39–49: Abstract, GZIP-PS (372 KiB), PDF (386 KiB)

Albo Carlos Cavalheiro
Existence and uniqueness of solutions for some degenerate nonlinear elliptic equations
pp. 51–63: Abstract, GZIP-PS (410 KiB), PDF (426 KiB)