Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 50 (2014), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

Kuldip Raj and Sunil K. Sharma
Double sequence spaces over $n$-normed spaces
pp. 65–76: Abstract, GZIP-PS (405 KiB), PDF (420 KiB)

Liu Lanzhe
Mean oscillation and boundedness of multilinear integral operators with general kernels
pp. 77–96: Abstract, GZIP-PS (430 KiB), PDF (459 KiB)

A. T. Al-Ani
Countably z-compact spaces
pp. 97–100: Abstract, GZIP-PS (284 KiB), PDF (300 KiB)

M. O. Omeike
Stability and boundedness of solutions of nonlinear vector differential equations of third order
pp. 101–106: Abstract, GZIP-PS (315 KiB), PDF (320 KiB)

Pratulananda Das and Ekrem Savas
On some consequences of a generalized continuity
pp. 107–114: Abstract, GZIP-PS (392 KiB), PDF (411 KiB)

Andrew James Bruce
On curves and jets of curves on supermanifolds
pp. 115–130: Abstract, GZIP-PS (456 KiB), PDF (465 KiB)