Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 30 (1994), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

L. Pinda:
On a fourth order periodic boundary value problem

p. 1-8: Postscript (96 K)

V. J. Havel, J. Klouda:
Closure conditions of commutativity

p. 9-16: Postscript (88 K)

V. J. Havel:
Regulated buildups of 3-configurations

p. 17-24: Postscript (890 K)

R. Halas:
Characterization of distributive sets by generalized annihilators

p. 25-27: Postscript (47 K)

Salah A. A. Emara:
Weighted estimates for the Hankel-, K- and Y-transformations

p. 29-43: Postscript (160 K)

O. Kowalski, F. Prüfer:
Curvature tensors in dimension four which do not belong to any curvature homogeneous space

p. 45-57: Postscript (160 K)

I. Kiguradze:
On asymptotic properties of solutions of third order linear differential equations with deviating arguments

p. 59-72: Postscript (128 K)