Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 30 (1994), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

L. Pinda:
Landesman - Lazer type problems at an eigenvalue of odd multiplicity

p. 73-84: Postscript (117 K)

A. Chronowski:
On ternary semigroups of homomorphisms of ordered sets

p. 85-95: Postscript (147 K)

A. Vondra:
Symmetries of connections on fibred manifolds

p. 97-115: Postscript (199 K)

M. Bartusek:
On the structure of solutions of a system of three differential inequalities

p. 117-130: Postscript (153 K)

J. J. Charatonik, P. Spyrou:
Monotone retractions and depth of continua

p. 131-137: Postscript (84 K)

M. Medved:
Special solutions of linear difference equations with infinite delay

p. 139-144: Postscript (89 K)