Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 30 (1994), No. 4 · Electronic Edition

N. S. Papageorgoiu:
A storing relaxation theorem for maximal monotone differential inclusions with memory

p. 227-235: Postscript (117 K)

M. Faierman:
On an oblique derivative problem involving an indefinite weight

p. 237-262: Postscript (290 K)

S. Jakubec:
On divisibility of the class number of real octic fields of a prime conductor $\bold{p=n^4 + 16}$ by $\bold p$

p. 263-270: Postscript (98 K)

A. Kontolatou:
Some notes on the composite $G$-valuations

p. 271-275: Postscript (77 K)

V. Studený:
Natural vector fields on tangent bundles

p. 277-283: Postscript (94 K)

M. Gregus:
Two sorts of boundary-value problems of nonlinear third order differential equations

p. 285-292: Postscript (93 K)

M. Ruzicková, E. Spániková:
Oscillation theorems for neutral differential equations with the quasi -- derivatives

p. 293-300: Postscript (89 K)