Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 31 (1995), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

O. Doslý:
Generalized reciprocity for self-adjoint linear differential equations

p. 85-96: Postscript (125 K)

W. M. Mikulski:
Liftings of 1-forms to the linear $r$-tangent bundle

p. 97-111: Postscript (168 K)

J. Dzurina:
A comparison theorem for linear delay differential equations

p. 113-120: Postscript (84 K)

V. Chrastinová:
On the Darboux transformation II

p. 121-138: Postscript (174 K)

A. Cabras, I. Kolár:
Prolongation of tangent valued forms to Weil bundles

p. 139-145: Postscript (101 K)

A. Chronowski, M. Novotný:
Ternary semigroups of morphisms of objects in categories

p. 147-153: Postscript (93 K)

A. Skerlík:
An integral condition of oscillation for equation $ y'{}'{}'+ p(t)y' + q(t)y = 0$ with nonnegative coefficients

p. 155-161: Postscript (89 K)