Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 31 (1995), No. 4 · Electronic Edition

W. Nowakowska, J. Werbowski:
Oscillation of linear functional equations of higher order

p. 251-258 Postscript (82 K)

I. Chajda:
Indexed annihilators in lattices

p. 259-262 Postscript (53 K)

E. Thandapani, P. Sundaram, J. R. Graef, A. Miciano, P. W. Spikes:
Classification of nonoscillatory solutions of higher order neutral type difference equations

p. 263-277 Postscript (146 K)

J. Sándor:
On refinements of certain inequalities for means

p. 279-282 Postscript (47 K)

V. Balint, P. Lauron:
Improvement of inequalities for the $\bold{ (r,q)}$-structures and some geometrical connections

p. 283-289 Postscript (84 K)

E. Kozakiewicz:
Conditions for the absence of positive solutions of a first order differential inequality with a single delay

p. 291-297 Postscript (82 K)

S. A. Youssef, S. G. Hulsurkar:
On connectedness of graphs on direct product of Weyl groups

p. 299-304 Postscript (93 K)

J. Moravcik:
Some oscillatory properties of the perturbed linear differential equations of order $n$

p. 305-311 Postscript (87 K)

G. Vosmanska:
Natural transformations of semi-holonomic 3-jets

p. 313-318 Postscript (81 K)

Jong Taek Cho:
A contact metric manifold satisfying a certain curvature condition

p. 319-333 Postscript (137 K)