Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 32 (1996), No. 3 · Electronic Edition

P. Libermann:
Lie algebroids and mechanics

p. 147-162 Postscript (169 K)

A. Walendziak:
Semimodularity in lower continuous strongly dually atomic lattices

p. 163-165 Postscript (48 K)

G. Kálnová:
Pivoting algorithm in class of ABS methods

p. 167-180 Postscript (119 K)

A. Lomtatidze:
Oscillation and nonoscillation of emden-fowler type equation of second order

p. 181-193 Postscript (116 K)

D. A. Kandilakis, N. S. Papageorgiou:
Periodic solutions for nonlinear evolution inclusions

p. 195-209 Postscript (179 K)

T. Agoh, K. Mori:
Kummer type system of congruences and bases of Stickelberger subideals

p. 211-232 Postscript (187 K)

C. Alsina, P. Guijarro, M. S. Tomás:
Characterizations of inner product structures involving the radius of the inscribed or circumscribed circumference

p. 233-239 Postscript (85 K)