Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 33 (1997), No. 4 · Electronic Edition

T. Kiguradze:
On periodic in the plane solutions of second order linear hyperbolic systems

p. 253-272 Postscript (186 K)

M. T. McGregor:
On a generalized Wiener-Hopf integral equation

p. 273-278 Postscript (67 K)

M. Kuril:
A multiplication of e-varieties of regular E-solid semigroups by inverse semigroup varieties

p. 279-299 Postscript (253 K)

M. Marin:
On the domain of influence in thermoelasticity of bodies with voids

p. 301-308 Postscript (100 K)

J. Dzurina:
Oscillation of a second order delay differential equations

p. 309-314 Postscript (71 K)

M. Ashraf:
Commutativity of associative rings through a Streb's classification

p. 315-321 Postscript (87 K)

M. Bartusek:
On the structure of oscillatory solutions of a third order differential equation

p. 323-334 Postscript (129 K)

S. Stanek:
On a criterion for the existence of at least four solutions of functional boundary value problems

p. 335-348 Postscript (212 K)

A. Swann:
Some remarks on quaternion-Hermitian manifolds

p. 349-354 Postscript (140 K)

A. Elbert, Takasi Kusano, Tomoyuki Tanigawa:
An oscillatory half-linear differential equation

p. 355-361 Postscript (132 K)