Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 34 (1998), No. 4· Electronic Edition

G. Emmanuele
Some remarks on the equality $W(E,F^\ast) = K(E,F^\ast)$

p. 417-425: Abstract, Postscript (112 K)

Evgenios P. Avgerinos and Nikolas S. Papageorgiou
Extremal Solutions and Relaxation for Second Order Vector Differential Inclusions

p. 427-434: Abstract, Postscript (116 K)

N. Parhi and P. Das
On the oscillation of a class of linear homogeneous third order differential equations

p. 435-443: Abstract, Postscript (104 K)

Okyeon Yi
On torsion Gorenstein injective modules

p. 445-454: Abstract, Postscript (90 K)

E. Thandapani and L. Ramuppillai
Oscillatory and asymptotic behaviour of perturbed quasilinear second order difference equations

p. 455-466: Abstract, Postscript (130 K)

M. Migda, J. Migda
Asymptotic properties of the solutions of the second order difference equation

p. 467-476: Abstract, Postscript (87 K)

V. Balint, P. Gresak, M. Kastiel, J. Katerinak
The proof of the isomorphism of the $\pmb n$ - dimensional projective spaces defined axiomatically

p. 477-482: Abstract, Postscript (100 K)

R. Vitolo
A new infinite order formulation of variational sequences

p. 483-504: Abstract, Postscript (203 K)

J. Debecki
Natural transformations of symplectic structures into Poisson's and Jacobi's brackets

p. 505-515: Abstract, Postscript (135 K)