Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 35 (1999), No.2 · Electronic Edition

Janusz Januszewski
On-line packing regular boxes in the unit cube
p. 97-101: Abstract, Postscript ( 327 K)

Mohammed Benalili and Abdelkader Boucherif
Subalgebras of finite codimension in symplectic Lie algebra
p. 103-114: Abstract, Postscript ( 129 K)

P. J. De Smet, F. Dillen, L. Verstraelen and L. Vrancken
A pointwise inequality in submanifold theory
p. 115-128: Abstract, Postscript ( 157 K)

Yana Alexieva and Stefan Ivanov
Riemannian manifolds in which certain curvature operator has constant eigenvalues along each helix
p. 129-140: Abstract, Postscript ( 140 K)

Ismat Beg
Fixed points of fuzzy monotone maps
p. 141-144: Abstract, Postscript ( 62  K)

Pavel Pyrih
An example for mappings related to confluence
p. 145-149: Abstract, Postscript ( 80 K)

Pavel Pyrih
An example related to strongly pointwise self-homeomorphic dendrites
p. 151-154: Abstract, Postscript ( 95 K)

Robert Marík
Nonnegativity of Functionals Corresponding to the Second Order Half-Linear Differential Equation
p. 155-164: Abstract, Postscript ( 120 K)

Eva Adam, Peter Bistr\"om, Andreas Kriegl
Countably evaluating homomorphisms on real function algebras
p. 165-192 : Abstract, Postscript ( 304 K)