Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 35 (1999), No.3 · Electronic Edition

Dmitry Alekseevsky, Novica Blazic, Neda Bokan and Zoran Rakic
Self-duality and pointwise Osserman manifolds
p. 193: Abstract, Postscript (123 K)

C. Schmidt-Laine, T. K. Edarh-Bossou
Some results regarding an equation of Hamilton-Jacobi type
p. 183-214: Abstract, Postscript ( 183 K)

Zbynek Kubacek
On the structure of the solution set of a functional differential system on an unbounded interval
p. 215-228: Abstract, Postscript ( 149 K)

Vladimir Durikovic and Maria Durikovicova
Some generic properties of nonlinear second order diffusional type problem
p. 229-244: Abstract, Postscript ( 157 K)

Donal O'Regan
Generalized quasivariational inequalities on Fréchet spaces
p. 245-254: Abstract, Postscript ( 123 K)

Nikolaos Halidias and Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou
Existence of solutions for nonlinear parabolic problems
p. 255-274: Abstract, Postscript ( 210 K)

Serena Matucci
On asymptotic decaying solutions for a class of second order differential equations
p. 275-:284 Abstract, Postscript ( 118 K)