Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 35 (1999), No.4 · Electronic Edition

Josef Dalík
Stability of quadratic interpolation polynomials in vertices of triangles without obtuse angles
p. 285-297: Abstract, Postscript (2242 K)

I. Sh. Slavutskii
Leudesdorf's theorem and Bernoulli numbers
p. 299-303: Abstract, Postscript ( 72 K)

Pedro Catuogno
Stochastic parallel transport and connections of $H^2M$
p. 305-315: Abstract, Postscript ( 147 K)

Dana Ríhová-Skabrahová
A note to Friedrichs' inequality
p. 317-327: Abstract, Postscript ( 133 K)

Anton Dekrét
On (1,1)-tensor fields on symplectic manifolds
p. 329-336: Abstract, Postscript ( 107 K)

Jan Cermák
Asymptotic estimation for functional differential equations with several delays
p. 337-345: Abstract, Postscript ( 115 K)

Antonella Cabras, Ivan Kolár
Second order connections on some functional bundles
p. 347-365: Abstract, Postscript ( 205 K)