Integral Means Inequalities for Fractional Derivatives of Some General Subclasses of Analytic Functions  
  Authors: Tadayuki Sekine, Kazuyuki Tsurumi, Shigeyoshi Owa, Hari M. Srivastava,  
  Keywords: Integral means inequalities, Fractional derivatives, Analytic functions, Univalent functions, Extreme points, Subordination  
  Date Received: 26/06/02  
  Date Accepted: 04/07/02  
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  Editors: Drumi Bainov,  

Integral means inequalities are obtained for the fractional derivatives of order $ p+lambda$ $ (0leqq pleqq n;$ $ 0leqqlambda <1)$ of functions belonging to certain general subclasses of analytic functions. Relevant connections with various known integral means inequalities are also pointed out.;

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