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  61. Obituary: Professor Alexandru Lupas (1942-2007) Sorin Gal, Andrei Vernescu,
  62. On Chaotic Order of Indefinite Type Takashi Sano,
  63. Piecewise Solutions of Evolutionary Variational Inequalities. Application to Double-Layered Dynamics Modelling of Equilibrium Problems Monica-Gabriela Cojocaru,
  64. Young's Integral Inequality on Time Scales Revisited Douglas R. Anderson,
  65. On Inequalities for Hypergeometric Analogues of the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Roger W. Barnard, Kendall C. Richards,
  66. Lower Bounds for Eigenvalues of Schatten-Von Neumann Operators M. I. Gil,
  67. On a Uniformly Integrable Family of Polynomials Defined on the Unit Interval Alexandre Leblanc, Brad C. Johnson,
  68. A Proof of Two Conjectures Related to the Erdös-Debrunner Inequality C. L. Frenzen, E. J. Ionascu, Pantelimon Stanica,
  69. Existence of Positive Solutions for Non Local $p$-Laplacian Thermistor Problems on Time Scales Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi, Delfim F. M. Torres,
  70. On the Degree of Strong Approximation of Integrable Functions Włodzimierz Łenski,
  71. When Lagrangean and Quasi-Arithmetic Means Coincide Justyna Jarczyk,
  72. On the Maximum Modulus of Polynomials. II M. A. Qazi,
  73. Characterization of Besov Spaces for the Dunkl Operator on the Real Line Chokri Abdelkefi, Mohamed Sifi,
  74. On an Open Problem Concerning an Integral Inequality Wen-jun Liu, Chun-Cheng Li, Jian-wei Dong,
  75. On Hadamard Integral Inequalities Involving Two Log-Preinvex Functions Muhammad Aslam Noor,
  76. On a Question of Milman and Alesker Concerning the Monotonicity of a Domain Functional Grant Keady,
  77. On an Open Question Regarding an Integral Inequality K. Boukerrioua, A. Guezane-Lakoud,
  78. Inequalities Between the Sum of Squares and the Exponential of Sum of a Nonnegative Sequence Feng Qi,
  79. The Best Constant For An Algebraic Inequality Y.N. Aliyev,
  80. On $L^p$-Estimates for the Time Dependent Schrödinger Operator on $L^2$ Mohammed Hichem Mortad,
  81. Proving Inequalities in Acute Triangle with Difference Substitution Yu-dong Wu, Zhi-Hua Zhang, Yu-Rui Zhang,
  82. A General Note on Increasing Sequences Hüseyin Bor,
  83. A Note on the Upper Bounds for the Dispersion Yu Miao, Guangyu Yang,
  84. The Simultaneous Nonlinear Inequalities Problem and Applications Zoran D. Mitrović,
  85. Composition Operators Between Generally Weighted Bloch Spaces of Polydisk Haiying Li, Peide Liu, Maofa Wang,
  86. Inequalities Involving the Inner Product Dorian Popa, Ioan Raşa,
  87. On Some New Mean Value Inequalities Liang-Cheng Wang, Cai-Liang Li,
  88. On an Inequality of V. Csiszár and T.F. Móri for Concave Functions of Two Variables Božidar Ivanković, Saichi Izumino, Josip E. Pecaric, Masaru Tominaga,
  89. Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of the $K$-Quadratic Functional Equation Mohamed Ait Sibaha, Belaid Bouikhalene, Elhoucien Elqorachi,
  90. On Class $wF(p,r,q)$ Operators and Quasisimilarity Changsen Yang, Yuliang Zhao,
  91. A New Inequality For Weakly $(K_1,K_2)$-Quasiregular Mappings Yuxia Tong, Jiantao Gu, Ying Li,

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