Hard copy is of very good quality and it is available for 15 Euro (or equivalent amount in other currencies) + shipping (European countries - 9 Euro (airmail 12 Euro),  non-European countries 14 Euro) per one copy.

Instructions for buying hard copies:

 1. Payment

swift instructions
field 32A: Value Date - Currency - Ammount
field 50K: Ordering Customer
field 56A (intermediary): DEUTDEFF
field 57A (acc.with bank): NBSRCSBG
field 59 (beneficiary): /54110 - VAL - 580
                                 MATEMATIČKI FAKULTET
                                 UNIVERZITET U BEOGRADU
field 70: details of payment

2. After step 1 please send (as soon as possible) your mailing address to e-mail: geom_workshop@matf.bg.ac.yu


3. After successfully made steps 1 and 2 we will deliver you the book(s) immediately