Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 40 (2004), No. 3 · Electronic Edition

A. Arara, M. Benchohra, S. K. Ntouyas and A. Ouahab
Existence results for boundary value problems for fourth-order differential inclusions with nonconvex valued right hand side
p. 219-227: Abstract, gzip-ps (139 K), pdf (120K)

Jan Cerych
A characterization of essential sets of function algebras
p. 229-232: Abstract, gzip-ps  (101K), pdf (81K)

R. J. Alonso-Blanco and J.Munoz-Diaz
The contact system for $A$-jet manifolds
p. 233-248: Abstract, gzip-ps (197K), pdf (188K)

C. Jayaram
Almost $Q$-rings
p. 249-257: Abstract, gzip-ps (130K), pdf (111K)

Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta
Finiteness of a class of Rabinowitsch polynomials
p. 259-261: Abstract, gzip-ps (103K), pdf (71K)

Eva Spanikova
On oscillation of differential systems of neutral type
p. 263-271: Abstract, gzip-ps (120K), pdf (105K)

Abdelkader Stouti
A fuzzy version of Tarski's fixpoint theorem
p. 2731-279: Abstract, gzip-ps (107K), pdf (86K)

Mohammad Ashraf, Asma Ali and Shakir Ali
$(\sigma, \tau)$-derivations on prime near rings
p. 281-286: Abstract, gzip-ps (103K), pdf (81K)

Nicolae-Adrian Secelean
Parameterized curve as attractors of some countable iterated function systems
p. 287-293: Abstract, gzip-ps  (131K), pdf (94K)

Emil Daniel Schwab
Characterizations of Lambek-Carlitz type
p. 295-300: Abstract, gzip-ps (132K), pdf (99K)

J. Das (n\'{e}e Chaudhuri)
On the boundary conditions associated with second-order linear homogeneous differential equations
p. 301-313: Abstract, gzip-ps (155K), pdf (136K)

Martin Mares
Two linear time algorithms for MST on minor closed graph classes
p. 315-320: Abstract, gzip-ps (121K), pdf (98K)