Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 41 (2005), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

Rahmat A. Khan, Bashir Ahmad
A note on rapid convergence of approximate solutions for second order periodic boundary value problems
p. 135-143: Abstract, gzip-ps (132 K), pdf (107K)

W. M. Mikulski
On naturality of the Helmholtz operator
p. 145-149: Abstract, gzip-ps  (115K), pdf (91K)

Thomas W. Mueller, Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta
Asymptotic stability for sets of polynomials
p. 151-155: Abstract, gzip-ps (136K), pdf (104K)

Mohammad Ashraf
On left $(\theta, \phi)$-derivations of prime rings
p. 157-166: Abstract, gzip-ps (121K), pdf (106K), Editorial Note

Mohammad Mujalli Al-Mahameed
Weak discrete maximum principles
p. 167-173: Abstract, gzip-ps (166K), pdf (157K)

Mugur Acu
On a subclass of $\alpha$-uniform convex functions
p. 175-180: Abstract, gzip-ps (132K), pdf (98K)

Huanyin Chen, Miaosen Chen
The symmetry of unit ideal stable range conditions
p. 181-186: Abstract, gzip-ps (126K), pdf (95K)

A. Boucherif, N. Chiboub-Fellah Merabet
Boundary value problems for first order multivalued differential systems
p. 187-195: Abstract, gzip-ps (150K), pdf (123K)

Zbynek Kubacek, Boris Rudolf
On the number of periodic solutions of a generalized pendulum
p. 197-208: Abstract, gzip-ps  (146K), pdf (131K)

Yuji Liu, Weigao Ge
Solutions of a multi-point boundary value problem for higher-order differential equations at resonance (II)
p. 209-227: Abstract, gzip-ps (181K), pdf (166K)

Svatopluk Stanek
An almost-periodicity criterion for solutions of the oscillatory differential equation $y''=q(t)y$ and its applications
p. 229-241: Abstract, gzip-ps (157K), pdf (143K)