Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 46 (2010), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

Yingbo Han
Spacelike submanifolds in indefinite space form $M^{n+p}_p(c)$
pp. 79–86: Abstract, GZIP-PS (341 KiB), PDF (345 KiB)

Shichang Shu
Hypersurfaces with constant $k$-th mean curvature in a Lorentzian space form
pp. 87–97: Abstract, GZIP-PS (409 KiB), PDF (414 KiB)

Bing Ye Wu
Some rigidity theorems for Finsler manifolds of sectional flag curvature
pp. 99–104: Abstract, GZIP-PS (322 KiB), PDF (336 KiB)

Renato Manfrin
A note on linear perturbations of oscillatory second order differential equations
pp. 105–118: Abstract, GZIP-PS (462 KiB), PDF (428 KiB)

Giovanni Calvaruso
Conformally flat Lorentzian three-spaces with various properties of symmetry and homogeneity
pp. 119–134: Abstract, GZIP-PS (436 KiB), PDF (427 KiB)

Eva Pekárková
Estimations of noncontinuable solutions of second order differential equations with $p$-Laplacian
pp. 135–144: Abstract, GZIP-PS (401 KiB), PDF (400 KiB)

B. G. Pachpatte
Approximation of solutions of a difference-differential equation
pp. 145–155: Abstract, GZIP-PS (345 KiB), PDF (335 KiB)