Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 49 (2013), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

Julien Roth
A remark on almost umbilical hypersurfaces
pp. 1–7: Abstract, GZIP-PS (364 KiB), PDF (373 KiB)

Martin Chvátal and Ondřej Došlý
Variational method and conjugacy criteria for half-linear differential equations
pp. 9–16: Abstract, GZIP-PS (354 KiB), PDF (361 KiB)

H. K. Pathak and S. N. Mishra
Some surjectivity theorems with applications
pp. 17–27: Abstract, GZIP-PS (352 KiB), PDF (362 KiB)

Hans Jakob Rivertz
On those ordinary differential equations that are solved exactly by the improved Euler method
pp. 29–34: Abstract, GZIP-PS (346 KiB), PDF (351 KiB)

Jaroslav Jaroš
Wirtinger inequality and nonlinear differential systems
pp. 35–41: Abstract, GZIP-PS (345 KiB), PDF (353 KiB)

Xhevat Z. Krasniqi
Some new modified cosine sums and $L^{1}$-convergence of cosine trigonometric series
pp. 43–50: Abstract, GZIP-PS (381 KiB), PDF (390 KiB)

Luis Azócar, Hugo Leiva, Jesús Matute, and Nelson Merentes
On the Hammerstein equation in the space of functions of bounded $\varphi $-variation in the plane
pp. 51–64: Abstract, GZIP-PS (435 KiB), PDF (445 KiB)

Yecheng Zhu and Wenming Hu
Some generalized comparison results in Finsler geometry and their applications
pp. 65–78: Abstract, GZIP-PS (421 KiB), PDF (423 KiB)