Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 51 (2015), No. 4 · Electronic Edition

Indranil Biswas and Carlos Florentino
Higgs bundles and representation spaces associated to morphisms
pp. 191–199: Abstract, GZIP-PS (374 KiB), PDF (380 KiB)

Cícero P. Aquino and Henrique F. de Lima
New characterizations of linear Weingarten hypersurfaces immersed in the hyperbolic space
pp. 201–209: Abstract, GZIP-PS (390 KiB), PDF (395 KiB)

Klaus Bering
Non-decomposable Nambu brackets
pp. 211–232: Abstract, GZIP-PS (549 KiB), PDF (520 KiB)

S.S. Dragomir
Ostrowski’s type inequalities for complex functions defined on unit circle with applications for unitary operators in Hilbert spaces
pp. 233–254: Abstract, GZIP-PS (454 KiB), PDF (470 KiB)