Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 52 (2016), No. 3 · Electronic Edition

A. Ntyam, G. F. Wankap Nono, and Bitjong Ndombol
Some further results on lifts of linear vector fields related to product preserving gauge bundle functors on vector bundles
pp. 131–140: Abstract, GZIP-PS (419 KiB), PDF (427 KiB)

Lucio Centrone
The $G$-graded identities of the Grassmann Algebra
pp. 141–158: Abstract, GZIP-PS (467 KiB), PDF (486 KiB)

Fernando Etayo and Rafael Santamaría
Distinguished connections on $(J^{2}=\pm 1)$-metric manifolds
pp. 159–203: Abstract, GZIP-PS (682 KiB), PDF (644 KiB)