Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 58 (2022), No. 3 · Electronic Edition

Yusof Azimi
(Generalized) filter properties of the amalgamated algebra
pp. 133–140: Abstract, GZIP-PS (353 KiB), PDF (356 KiB)

Amirouche Mouhous, Svetlin Georgiev Georgiev, and Karima Mebarki
Existence of solutions for a class of first order boundary value problems
pp. 141–158: Abstract, GZIP-PS (420 KiB), PDF (421 KiB)

Nisar A. Rather, Suhail Gulzar, and Aijaz A. Bhat
$L_{p}$ inequalities for the growth of polynomials with restricted zeros
pp. 159–167: Abstract, GZIP-PS (373 KiB), PDF (378 KiB)

Henrique Fernandes de Lima
A note on the nonexistence of spacelike hypersurfaces with polynomial volume growth immersed in a Lorentzian space form
pp. 169–175: Abstract, GZIP-PS (321 KiB), PDF (330 KiB)

Li Ma
Porous media equation on locally finite graphs
pp. 177–187: Abstract, GZIP-PS (375 KiB), PDF (389 KiB)

Hayder R. Hashim
Bartz-Marlewski equation with generalized Lucas components
pp. 189–197: Abstract, GZIP-PS (363 KiB), PDF (369 KiB)