Archivum mathematicum, Equadiff 9 issue

ISSN 0044-8753 · Volume 34 (1998), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

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Miroslav Bartusek
On Existence of Oscillatory Solutions of nth Order Differential Equations with Quasiderivatives

p. 1-11: Abstract, Postscript ( 412 K)

Miroslav Bartusek, Zuzana Dosla and John R. Graef:
The Nonlinear Limit-Point/Limit-Circle Problem for Higher Order Equations

p. 13-22: Abstract, Postscript ( 384 K)

Bernard Dacorogna
A New Approach to the Existence of Almost Everywhere Solutions of Nonlinear PDEs

p. 23-29: Abstract, Postscript ( 311 K)

Josef Diblik
Behaviour of Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Delay

p. 31-47: Abstract, Postscript ( 547 K)

Arpad Elbert
Additive groups connected with asymptotic stability of some differential equations

p. 49-58: Abstract, Postscript ( 375 K)

A. Elbert, K. Takasi, M. Naito
Singular Eigenvalue Problems for Second Order Linear Ordinary Differential Equations

p. 59-72: Abstract, Postscript ( 483 K)

Michal Feckan
Bifurcation of Periodic and Chaotic Solutions in Discontinuous Systems

p. 73-82: Abstract, Postscript ( 365 K)

Jan Filo
A Note on Asymptotic Expansion for a Periodic Boundary Condition

p. 83-92: Abstract, Postscript ( 355 K)

Lech Gorniewicz
Periodic Problems for ODE's via Multivalued Poincare Operators

p. 93-104: Abstract, Postscript ( 413 K)

Wolfgang Hackbusch and Stefan A. Sauter
A New Finite Element Approach for Problems Containing Small Geometric Details

p. 105-117: Abstract, Postscript ( 441 K)

Laszlo Hatvani and Laszlo Stacho
On Small Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations with Random Coefficients

p. 119-126: Abstract, Postscript ( 336 K)

Denis Khusainov
Application of the Second Lyapunov Method to Stability Investigation of Differential Equations with Deviations

p. 127-142: Abstract, Postscript ( 457 K)

Werner Kratz
Quadratic Functionals: Positivity, Oscillation, Rayleigh's Principle

p. 143-151: Abstract, Postscript ( 381 K)

Bohdan Maslowski and Jan Seidler
Invariant Measures for Nonlinear SPDE's: Uniqueness and Stability

p. 153-172: Abstract, Postscript ( 564 K)

Dagmar Medkova
The Boundary-Value Problems for Laplace Equation and Domains with Nonsmooth Boundary

p. 173-181: Abstract, Postscript ( 324 K)

Milan Medved
Singular Integral Inequalities and Stability of Semilinear Parabolic Equations

p. 183-190: Abstract, Postscript ( 341 K)

Donal O'Regan
Fixed Point Theory for Closed Multifunctions

p. 191-197: Abstract, Postscript ( 305 K)

Pavol Quittner
Transition from decay to blow-up in a parabolic system

p. 199-206: Abstract, Postscript ( 342 K)

Vladimir Rasvan
Dynamical Systems with Several Equilibria and Natural Liapunov Functions

p. 207-215: Abstract, Postscript ( 335 K)

Roger Temam and Xiaoming Wang
Boundary Layer for Chaffee-Infante Type Equation

p. 217-226: Abstract, Postscript ( 385 K)