Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 36 (2000), CDDE 2000 issue · Electronic Edition

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Ondrej Dosly
Oscillation theory of linear difference equations
p. 329-342: Abstract, Postscript (1087 K)

Lech Gorniewicz
Topological structure of solution sets: current results
p. 343-382: Abstract, Postscript (1778 K)

Stefan Schwabik
Generalized Ordinary Differential Equations and Discrete Systems
p. 383-393: Abstract, Postscript (921 K)

Miroslav Bartusek
On Existence of Singular Solutions of $n$-th Order Differential Equations
p. 395-404: Abstract, Postscript (1347 K)

Jaromir Bastinec, Josef Diblik and Zdenek Smarda
Convergence tests for one scalar differential equation with vanishing delay
p. 405-414: Abstract, Postscript (1108 K)

Daria Bugajewska and Dariusz Bugajewski
A note on differential and integral equations in locally convex spaces
p. 415-420: Abstract, Postscript (1010 K)

Jan Cermak
Linear differential equations with several unbounded delays
p. 421-427: Abstract, Postscript (1235 K)

Jan Chvalina and Ludmila Chvalinova
Multistructures determined by differential rings
p. 429-434: Abstract, Postscript (1062 K)

Josef Diblik and Miroslava Ruzickova
Existence of positive solutions of $n$-dimensional system of nonlinear differential equations entering into a singular point
p. 435-446: Abstract, Postscript (1313 K)

Dorota Gabor
The generalized coincidence index -- application to a boundary value problem
p. 447-460: Abstract, Postscript (1398 K)

Michal Gregus
On Certain Third Order Eigenvalue Problem
p. 461-464: Abstract, Postscript (880 K)

Michal Gregus, Jr.
On Certain Third Order Boundary Value Problems on Infinite Interval
p. 465-468: Abstract, Postscript (826 K)

Josef Kalas
The use of Lyapunov functions in uniqueness and nonuniqueness theorems
p. 469-476: Abstract, Postscript (921 K)

Norbert Koksch
A Modified Strong Squeezing Property and the Existence of Inertial Manifolds of Semiflows
p. 477-486: Abstract, Postscript (1068 K)

Monika Kovacova
Property $A$ of the $ (n+1)^{th}$ Order Differential Equation $\left[ \frac 1 {r_1(t)} \ \left( x^{(n)}(t) + p(t) x(t) \right)\ \right]' = f(t, x (t), \cdots , x^{(n)}(t))$.
p. 487-498: Abstract, Postscript (1497 K)

Werner Kratz
Sturm-Liouville difference equations and banded matrices
p. 499-505: Abstract, Postscript (1084 K)

Hana Lichardova
Saddle connections in planar systems
p. 507-512: Abstract, Postscript (1403 K)

Robert Marik
Comparison theorems for half--linear second order difference equations
p. 513-518: Abstract, Postscript (1076 K)

Serena Matucci
The $l^p$ Trichotomy for Difference Systems and Applications
p. 519-529: Abstract, Postscript (1201 K)

Petr Necesal
On the Resonance Problem for the 4$^{th}$ Order Ordinary Differential Equations, Fucik's spectrum
p. 531-542: Abstract, Postscript (1560 K)

Jan Ohriska
Sufficient conditions for nonoscillation of neutral equations
p. 543-548: Abstract, Postscript (972 K)

Eugenia N. Petropoulou
On Some Specific Non-Linear Ordinary Difference Equations
p. 549-562: Abstract, Postscript (1253K)

Vladimir Rasvan
Stability Zones for Discrete Time Hamiltonian Systems
p. 563-573: Abstract, Postscript (907 K)

Andrei Ronto
A Note on the Periodicity in Difference Equations
p. 575-584: Abstract, Postscript (1083 K)

Miklos Ronto
Parametrised non-linear boundary value problems
p. 585-593: Abstract, Postscript (932 K)

Boris Rudolf
Method of lower and upper solutions
p. 595-602: Abstract, Postscript (985 K)

Laszlo Simon
On Parabolic Functional Differential Equations in Unbounded domains
p. 603-616: Abstract, Postscript (1055K)

Marko Svec and Daniela Hricisakova
Some Remarks about the Nonoscillatory Solutions
p. 617-622: Abstract, Postscript (1016 K)

Agacik Zafer, Yasemin Yalcin and Yeter S. Yilmaz
Positive Solutions and Oscillation of Higher Order Neutral Difference Equations
p. 623-636: Abstract, Postscript (1288 K)