Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 41 (2005), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

W. M. Mikulski
Non-existence of natural operators transforming connections on $Y\to M$ into connections on $FY\to Y$
p. 1-4: Abstract, gzip-ps (113 K), pdf (88K)

Pratulanada Das and Amar Kumar Banerjee
Pairwise Borel and Baire measures in bispace
p. 5-15: Abstract, gzip-ps  (139K), pdf (124K)

Partha Pratim Dey
Exploring invariant linear codes through generators and centralizers
p. 17-26: Abstract, gzip-ps (146K), pdf (124K)

Giovanni Calvaruso
Conformally flat semi-symmetric spaces
p. 27-36: Abstract, gzip-ps (145K), pdf (127K)

Massimiliano Daniele Rosini
Stability of hydrodynamic model for semiconductor
p. 37-58: Abstract, gzip-ps (222K), pdf (212K)

Qun Chen, Zhen-Rong Zhou
Gap properties of harmonic maps and submanifolds
p. 59-69: Abstract, gzip-ps (150K), pdf (122K)

Mohamed Tahar Kadaoui Abbassi and Maati Sarih
On natural metrics on tangent bundles of Riemannian manifolds
p. 71-92: Abstract, gzip-ps (226K), pdf (211K)

A. I. Sadek
On the stability of the solutions of certain fifth order non-autonomous differential equations
p. 93-106: Abstract, gzip-ps (148K), pdf (131K)

Xiaoli Chao and Yaowen Li
On totally real minimal submanifolds in complex projective space
p. 107-116: Abstract, gzip-ps  (135K), pdf (114K)

Abdelkader Stouti
Fixed points theorems of non-expanding fuzzy multifunctions
p. 117-122: Abstract, gzip-ps (111K), pdf (89K)

Miroslav Bartusek
Singular solutions for the differential equation with $p$-Laplacian
p. 123-128: Abstract, gzip-ps (137K), pdf (109K)

Boris Doubrov
Projective reparametrization of homogeneous curves
p. 129-133: Abstract, gzip-ps (124K), pdf (95K)