Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 43 (2007), No. 4 · Electronic Edition

H. A. Khashan and H. Al-Ezeh
Conditions under which $R(x)$ and $R\langle x\rangle$ are almost Q-rings
p. 231-236: Abstract, gzip-ps (127 K), pdf (108 K)

Mouffak Benchohra, Samira Hamani and Johnny Henderson
Oscillatory and nonoscillatory solutions for first order impulsive dynamic inclusions on time scales
p. 237-250: Abstract, gzip-ps  (173 K), pdf (168 K)

M. T. Kosan
$\tau $-supplemented modules and $\tau $-weakly supplemented modules
p. 251-257: Abstract, gzip-ps (127 K), pdf (110 K)

Abolfazl Tehranian, Siamak Yassemi
Bounds on Bass numbers and their dual
p. 259-263: Abstract, gzip-ps (120 K), pdf (95K)

B. C. Dhage
Hybrid fixed point theory for right monotone increasing multi-valued mappings and neutral functional differential inclusions
p. 265-284: Abstract, gzip-ps (179 K), pdf (211 K)

W. M. Mikulski
Higher order linear connections from first order ones
p. 285-288: Abstract, gzip-ps (117 K), pdf (91 K)

Hamid El Ouardi
On the finite dimension of attractors of doubly nonlinear parabolic systems with l-trajectories
p. 289-303: Abstract, gzip-ps (185 K), pdf (173 K)