Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 40 (2004), No. 4 · Electronic Edition

Tiziana Cardinali, Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou and Raffaella Servadei
The Neumann problem for quasilinear differential equations
p. 321-333: Abstract, gzip-ps (167 K), pdf (146K)

Robert Samal
Antiflows, oriented and strong oriented colorings of graphs
p. 335-343: Abstract, gzip-ps  (145K), pdf (121K)

Poom Kumam
Fixed point theorems for nonexpansive mappings in modular spaces}
p. 345-353: Abstract, gzip-ps (147K), pdf (121K)

Mohammad Sal Moslehian
On product of projections
p. 355-357: Abstract, gzip-ps (89K), pdf (62K)

R. N. Rath, L. N. Padhy, N. Misra
Oscillation of solutions of non-linear neutral delay differential equations of higher order for $p(t) = \pm 1$
p. 359-366: Abstract, gzip-ps (143K), pdf (114K)

Daqing Jiang, Lili Zhang, Donal O'Regan and Ravi P. Agarwal
Existence theory for single and multiple solutions to singular positone discrete Dirichlet boundary value problems to the one-dimension $p$-Laplacian
p. 367-381: Abstract, gzip-ps (170K), pdf (156K)

Mohammad Saleh
On $\theta$-closed sets and some forms of continuity
p. 383-393: Abstract, gzip-ps (138K), pdf (121K)

Libor Polak
A classification of rational languages by semilattice-ordered monoids
p. 395-406: Abstract, gzip-ps (163K), pdf (144K)

Shahabaddin Ebrahimi Atani
Multiplication modules and related results
p. 407-414: Abstract, gzip-ps  (122K), pdf (102K)

Matteo Franca
Classification of positive solutions of $p$-Laplace equation with a growth term
p. 415-434: Abstract, gzip-ps (198K), pdf (205K)

Ansgar Juengel, Hailiang Li
Quantum Euler-Poisson systems: Existence of stationary states}
p. 435-456: Abstract, gzip-ps (195K), pdf (184K)

Simona Fisnarova
Oscillatory properties of fourth order self-adjoint differential equations
p. 457-469: Abstract, gzip-ps (170K), pdf (150K)